The old town brewery

Transforming an 18th century brewery to modern living was our first project in France and required nearly as much planning and preparation as the physical work.

When we first arrived we found a collection of buildings arranged around a large courtyard. Whilst some parts of the buildings had been used as accommodation, other parts had never been developed since their previous use as stables and communal toilets in a working brewery. Even those parts that had been used as apartments were in a terrible state. One apartment was almost habitable, though with leaking pipes throughout, but the rest of the buildings only had access to electricity by tapping into the first apartment and had no access to water, gas or mains drainage.

Early tasks, therefore, included discussions with the Mairie, EDF, GDF and SAUR to work out how services could be provided. We negotiated with our neighbours to allow a 200 metre soil pipe to pass through their land for connection to the sewer system. We also applied for, and later gained, grants for some of the work. Our final early task was arranging quotes from a wide range of tradesman.

As the project progressed the biggest challenge was coordinating the work of all the tradesmen – making sure everything was done in the right order and at the right time – to avoid delays and keep the project moving on as quickly as possible.

In this project it was particularly important to have a sympathetic match between old and new. For the electrical installation, because most of the walls were insulated and plaster-boarded it was possible to bury all the cables, so obtaining a wire-free finish. This project included a little automation with the use of movement sensors on external lighting and interphones were also installed for all the apartments.

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