What do we do?

When you contact us for a quote our first aim is to take a good look at your project and provide you with a fresh eye on what exactly you need. For example, have you forgotten an additional light switch beside the bed or a socket for your stereo?

Electrical installations

While we find it very satisfying to be involved in renovating old buildings, we are just as happy to work with new-build as with renovation projects.

When you first move in to your house in France you may find that the electrical installation is a bit lacking. A more modern installation will give protection for both you and your electrical equipment (using circuit breakers and earth protection, as shown in the photo) while an older installation may not. The wiring in your house may be single or triple phase, particularly if you are out in the countryside. We can provide a security assessment of your installation with a clear plan for how to upgrade it and how much this will cost. Having upgraded your installation we can then provide a certificate from the Consuel showing that it meets French standards.

Nowadays, when you come to sell your house, amongst other diagnostics, you will need an assessment of your electrical installation. We can provide a pre-assessment of your installation to show what you need to do to meet the regulations.

We can upgrade your communications network – telephone, TV and internet – as well as your electrical installation.

Home automation & security

Do you want to make your life easier, safer and more comfortable? We may be able to help you.

Home automation can be used for controlling lighting, heating, responding to weather, etc. Let me give a few examples:

  • You get up in the middle of the night and stagger to the loo. As your feet hit the ground your route is lit up for you. As you get back into bed the lights go out.
  • It starts to rain. Your open Velux automatically closes. It goes dark in the evening your shutters close automatically.
  • Your central heating is set to fit in with your daily life. You have heat whenever you need it, so the ultimate comfort but also economy. You are unexpectedly away for the night – you can reprogramme or simply turn off the heating using your smartphone or your laptop.
  • You arrive home from work. At the touch of a button, or perhaps with a phone call, your garage door opens.

Home security includes both protection from others and protection within the home. We can provide burglar alarms or door access systems suited to your home and your needs. We can also provide technical alarms which will let you know if you have set light to the grill, if your washing machine has flooded the utility room or your freezer has stopped freezing.

Project management

Project management has always focused on three key aspects – keeping within budget, completing the project on time and making sure that you have a high quality finished product. More recently the importance of managing people effectively has been recognised as having a huge effect on the success of projects. We can help ensure you have a successful project.

In terms of finance we can:

  • help you to work out a realistic budget for your project
  • apply, on your behalf, for grants to fund your project
  • negotiate the best prices for the work needed
  • keep a close eye on the budget and spot any budget problems before they arise.

In terms of scheduling we can:

  • create a clear schedule for your project
  • coordinate the work of different tradesmen to make sure they are available at the right time for your project
  • keep a close eye on the schedule and spot any schedule problems in advance.

In terms of quality we can:

  • find reputable tradesmen who provide quality work
  • work closely with the tradesmen to make sure that all work reaches the required standard
  • keep a close eye on the work as it occurs and spot any quality problems before they materialise.

In relation to managing people we can:

  • work closely with development and other agencies and so access any available help, for example funding
  • negotiate with people external to the project, such as the Mairie, your neighbour or EDF
  • be the man-in-the middle to resolve any problems between different tradesmen.

All projects, whether small or large, have their challenges. With our help you will be better equipped to meet them.

Please contact us for electrical or project management advice. We will be pleased to provide you with a quote.              Find Out How →