Who is Pink Électrique?


It all started when...

Pink Électrique is an electrical contracting business in Limousin. It was started by two electricians – Ruth Kowalczyk and her husband Geoff.

Since moving to France eleven years ago, they have renovated an old brewery complex to create six rental apartments. This project gave Ruth the chance to put into practice the project management theory she had been teaching to Masters students at Lancaster University for years. With the apartment business now functioning well, the couple started Pink Électrique.

Geoff has more than 40 years experience as an electrician in the UK, North Africa, Asia and in France. Ruth’s training took place in France, so the couple are up to date with all the latest French regulations. Ruth is fluent in both technical and everyday French.

They are able to provide an excellent electrical service to English-speaking people in France who prefer to be able to explain exactly what they want in English. They also cater for those customers who might feel more comfortable in having a woman electrician in their home.


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